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About FireDepartment.net

FireDepartment.net is a directory of all fire departments in the US, which also helps fire departments get online and recruit volunteers. Over 7,000 fire departments use FireDepartment.net to get online and millions of community members visit our website each year to learn about their local fire stations. Fire personnel can request to manage their fire department's information (Instructions) and once approved, managers can update contact info, add photos, add fire stations, add firefighters, add fire equipment, mission statement, and much more.

FireDepartment.net is a FREE service:
Advertisements shown on fire department profiles enable us to provide this service at no charge to either fire departments or community members using this service. 

Fire Department Services:

  • Edit a fire department profile (Instructions)
    • Fire Department profile managers can edit contact info, fire stations, firefighters, fire equipment, add photos, add a mission statement and more. FireDepartment.net can be used as a primary website or as an additional marketing channel to connect with more community members.
  • Online Volunteer Recruitment Application
    • Fire departments who add volunteer recruitment information can display a volunteer application for their fire department.
    • Requirements:
      • Login to your profile (once approved) and go to the volunteer recruitment section.
      • Select "Yes" you are accepting volunteers, enter a volunteer recruiter's full name, add the recruiter's email address. 
      • Coming soon: Requirements for a logo and photos for each fire station, fire chief and fire apparatus. Firefighter photos are helpful but optional.
        • Potential volunteer are more likely to apply if they can see where they'll be working, the fire equipment they get to work on and the firefighters they'll be working with.