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Welcome to FireDepartment.net. We provide a free service that helps fire departments get online, recruit volunteers, and share information with the communities they serve. Advertisers on FireDepartment.net not only get access to a very large audience concerned about safety, but also gain the opportunity to build goodwill by helping make this free service possible.

Audience Overview:


FireDepartment.net averages over 200,000 unique visitors per month with ~3 pages per visit. The majority of our traffic comes from individuals searching for a fire department. Traffic increases significantly along with news stories about natural disasters or when community members learn about a major fire, flood, car accident or weather event in their area. Other large visitor segments include:

  • Fire department personnel updating fire dept information (over 5,000 fire depts use our free service).
  • Community members aspiring to become career or volunteer firefighters.
  • Insurance agents, inspectors and undrewriters seeking fire dept information.
  • Community members seeking assistance aquiring or installing smoke detectors, fire extinghishers, car seats, etc.
  • Community members with questions to ask their fire departments (permits, fees, regulations, etc).

2021 Ad Pricing:

Ads can be purchased for an individual state or the entire United States. Pricing is based on traffic volume, the pages you advertise on and the ad's position on the page. Ads start at $500/year for states with lower traffic volume (Ex: HI, NV, ND, SD, MT, etc) and start at $500/month for states with larger traffic volume (Ex: CA, TX, NY, FL, etc). Approximate pricing ranges from $5 to $15 CPM ($5-15/1,000 impressions) depending on ad placement.

Corporate & Private Sponsors

There are two types of sponsors. Financial sponsors donate money to support the free services provided by firedepartment.net. Product sponsors are advertisers who get a discount in exchange for providing fire departments or firefighters with a free or discount service. Examples include:

  • Discounts on firefighter related products or services (sports drinks, energy bars, sunglasses, athletic shoes, quality pocket knives or multi-tools, etc).
  • Product give away promotions or discounts for product evaluations (firefighter turnouts, nomex clothing, firefighting boots, reusable water bottles, hydration packs,etc ).
The top 6 financial sponsors have the option of being listed at the bottom of fire department directory pages (for 12 months and possibly longer for large donors) in order of their contribution. All other sponsors will be listed on the sponsor page.

Selection of advertisers and sponsors:

Our first goal is to provide a free and welcoming service for both fire departments and community members. We prioritize advertisers who provide a community service, promote safety or assist community members who experience loss due to natural disaster. We do not show sensitive (politics, dating, get rich quick, gambling, weight loss, etc) or questionable ads that may reflect poorly on fire departments or offend visitors.

We don't like unsolicited emails or calls and won't impose that on the fire service we serve. So, we do not sell or share our fire department directory information or our fire department administrator information.

Contact [email protected] about becoming an advertiser. Please incldue:
  • Your name and contact info.
  • Company name & website.
  • Product or service you want to advertise.
  • List of states where you want to advertise.
We'll get back to you with availability of ads for those areas and pricing based on the information you submit.