Fire Chief Larry Thompson

Larry Thompson - Lake Pillsbury Fire Protection District

Larry Thompson

Fire Chief
Lake Pillsbury Fire Protection District
(707) 477-6079
Santa Rosa Junior College - Firefighter 1 Academy 1987
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Larry began his involvement in EMS as a National Ski Patrol, patrolling at China Peak and Alpine Meadows. His last day patrolling was the 1982 Avalanche at Alpine Meadows.
Larry then became an EMT, first working in an Helicopter based Emergency Department, later working with a rural private Paramedic Ambulance company, primarily utilizing Helicopters for most of their Transports.
After graduating from Stanford University Medical Center’s Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic program, Larry worked as a Paramedic in Santa Clara County, helping to implement their Trauma Center System.
Moving to Sonoma County, Larry worked for a few Private Ambulance companies and was a Rescue Paramedic flying with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Helicopter unit. During this time he also became a Volunteer Firefighter with Rincon Valley Fire Protection District and completed his Firefighter 1 Academy with Santa Rosa Junior College. Larry was soon hired by Marin County Fire Department as a Firefighter/Paramedic.
Larry served 28 years with Marin County Fire Department, serving in many capacities, including implementing an on-going Continuing Education program for EMT’s and Paramedics for Marin County Fire Department and adjoining agencies.
During his career with Marin County Fire Department, Larry also taught EMT with the College of Marin and later Santa Rosa Junior College. Larry’s interest in Teaching also included teaching CPR/AED and First-Aid classes for numerous North Bay Companies and Public Safety Agencies.
Currently, Larry continues to follow his passion of teaching as an Instructor for Santa Rosa Junior College’s Emergency Care Program and is the Training Officer for Lake Pillsbury Fire Protection District.
Larry is a loving husband, proud parents of two beautiful daughters, enjoys dirt bike riding and snow skiing.

Training / Credentials
 California Emergency Medical Service Authority, Cal-EMSA– Paramedic License
 Office of the State Fire Marshal – OFSM certificates
• Fire Officer certs
• Fire Prevention 1A, 1B & 1C certs
• Fire Investigators 1A, 1B, & 1C certs
• Fire Instructor 1A, 1B & 2C certs
• Firefighter 1 & Firefighter 2 certs
• Driver Operator 1A & 1B certs
• S212,, S290, S190 & S130 certs
• Haz. Mat. 1st Responder cert.
 Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA certificates
• USAR Medical Specialist
• USAR Collapsed Structure Specialist
• ICS 100, ICS 200 & ICS 300 certs

 American Heart Association – Healthcare Provider Instructor

 County of Marin Proclamation-Vision Fire 1995
 County of Marin Proclamation – Floods 2005
 County of Marin Proclamation – Bolsa Mudslide 2006
 Challenge Coin – Urban Shield USAR 2012
 Challenge Coin – Valley Fire 2015
 Cardiac Arrest-Survivor’s Reunion(s)

Summary of Experience

 35 years of EMS, 30 years Fire Service, 25 years USAR Team
 25 years EMS Instructor, CPR/AED, First-Aid, EMR, EMT, EMT-P, ITLS

Other Professional Experience

 Paramedic Field Preceptor – 4 Paramedic Interns
 Attended/Participated numerous JEMS EMS Today Conferences
 Brady EMR Textbook(s) Reviewer
 Developed Chapter Quizzes for Brady EMR Textbook.
 Lake Pillsbury Fire Protection District – Training Officer & CE Provider.
 Attend/Participate numerous Lake County Fire Chief’s Association meetings
 Lake County Fire Safe Council Hazard Mitigation planning
 PG&E Dam Safety Committee involvement
 PG&E Mine Safety certification