Fire Chief Mark Lopez

Mark Lopez - Garden City Fire Protection District

Mark Lopez

Fire Chief
Garden City Fire Protection District
(816) 862-6366


As Fire Chief of the Garden City Fire Protection District, I am proud to say that I have been serving this community for 19 years. The fire service has changed dramatically over the years. I have been very blessed to be a part of the growing process within our organization. This process has been one of growth, largely in part to the men and women who have dedicated their time and efforts to seeing this organization prosper.

The title “fire department” is traditional in its term, but is by no means an overall depiction of what our fire department provides today. The Garden City Fire Protection District not only responds to all different types of fires, but also provides an advanced life support ambulance service. The ambulance service accounts for a large majority of our workload. We staff one ambulance and have a backup that is fully equipped. The fire department is also responsible for the staffing and training of personnel in many different aspects of this job. Our crews provide ice water rescue, hazardous materials operations, and many other technical job functions.

The department also offers public education programs and works in conjunction with our schools, clinics, and senior living properties. Our organization is committed to maintaining a safe community for all residents and business owners.

I speak on behalf of the men and women of the Garden City Fire Protection District when I say that we are committed to serving all the citizens of this community. As firefighter’s, paramedics, EMT’s, and board members, the work that we do is much more than a job…. it is a way of life and we are all proud to be of a service to this community in everything that we do each day.