Fire Chief Peter Pappas

Peter Pappas - Brixey Rockbridge Volunteer Fire Department

Peter Pappas

Fire Chief
Brixey Rockbridge Volunteer Fire Department
(319) 333-8877
National Park Service
Years in fire Service:
Joined Station on:


Fire Chief, Brixey-Rockbridge VFD, 2014 to Present:
I serve as Chief of the Department. I am responsible for the operation of the department. I also take command at all incidents.

Incident Management Teams, Various Dates to Present:
I serve as Facilities Unit Leader and Logistics Section Chief (type 2) for the type 2 Northern Rockies Wildland Fire Management Team. Past Medical Unit Leader for the type 2 New Mexico IMT (now Team 5). Also qualified as type 3 Logistics and Planning Section Chief. As a FEMA certified instructor I teach all ICS core courses (ICS-100 through 700) as well as Logistics Section Chief.

Park Ranger, Law Enforcement, 1989 to 2013 (retired)
I served as a Federal law enforcement officer/ranger for the National Park Service from 1989 to 2013 when I retired. Maintained an NPS law enforcement commission, conducted full-scale law enforcement investigations, arrested and detained persons suspected of violating Federal law. Conducted law enforcement patrols alone in a rugged wilderness area. Assisted state and local officers.

Served as safety officer and safety committee chair. Performed the full range of duties.

I served as deputy park fire chief for structural fire. I managed the operation of the structural fire brigade. I was responsible for all equipment maintenance, OSHA compliance and firefighter training. I served as Incident Commander, firefighter and pump operator on structural and wildland fires, motor vehicle accidents, etc. Certified as a Hazardous Materials/HAZWOPER site technician and instructor. Supported interagency fire system as a red-carded Medical Unit Leader on New Mexico Incident Management Team, firefighter and security manager.

Certified State and National Registry Emergency Medical Technician. Responded to accidents, injuries and illnesses. Conducted patient assessment, treated severe trauma and illness and transported patients to the emergency department.

I managed the park's respiratory protection, hearing protection and Hazard Communication Program. I was the park's radio system coordinator.

I created and maintained health and safety plans and S.O.P.’s including law enforcement, OSHA (hearing, respiratory, HAZMAT response, structural fire and emergency medical service).

ICS Qualifications:
Logistics Section Chief Type 2C, Security Manager (SECM), Medical Unit Leader (MEDL), Base Camp Manager (BCMG), Faller A (FALA), Hazardous Materials Spec. (HAZM). EMT Basic (EMTB), Incident Commander (T5), Wildland Firefighter (FFT2), Facilities Unit Leader, Liaison Officer and Planning Section Chief (type 3). Served in various ICS positions (listed above) for over 400 operational periods on incidents from type 1 through type 4.

Chief Park Ranger, Law Enforcement, 2003 to 2006
I served as the Chief of Natural Resources Management and Visitor Protection and as Park Facility Manager. As senior law enforcement officer, I provided management oversight and supervision the park's natural resource management, law enforcement, wildland/structural fire, emergency medical and health & safety programs (safety officer). I was responsible for strategic planning, long and short term goal setting, formulated the division budget and represented the park as a member of the management team to representatives of local, state and Federal government, cooperators and stakeholders. Served as acting Superintendent when designated. Together with the rest of the management team, we oversaw the short and long range planning of the interpretation program. As the park’s first chief ranger, I created and implemented the park's first law enforcement, EMS, health and safety programs. I created and implemented the following programs and plans: Health and Safety, Respiratory Protection, Hazard Communication, Hurricane Preparedness, law enforcement policies, structural and wildland fire plans.