Fire Chief Bryan Bodford

Bryan Bodford - Newland Volunteer Fire Department

Bryan Bodford

Fire Chief
Newland Volunteer Fire Department
Years in fire Service:
Joined Station on:


7101 - Bryan Bodford

Age: 42

Position: NVFD Fire Chief

Civilian Occupation: Auto Technician for Thompson's Auto

Bryan has a 14 year old son named Hunter Bodford.

26 years experience in the fire service

County Line Firefighter of the year 2004

Cornatzer-Dublin Firefighter of the year 2008

Inducted into the Davie County Hall of Fame 2010

Fire Department Career:

County Line Volunteer Fire Department 1991 to 2006

Cornatzer-Dulin Volunteer Fire Department 2006 to 2011

Newland Volunteer Fire Department 2013 to present

Bryan enjoys helping and giving back to the community. His family had a chimney fire when he was 12 years old, and the fire department was there for them.

Bryan started his career as the first junior firefighter in County Line's history at age 16. He progressed through the ranks until reaching Assistant Chief, and held that position for 7 years. He then relocated within the county to provide a better school for his son. He was then elected the Chief of Davie County Air Truck/Team for 5 years. He relinquished that position after five years, due to taking the position of Fire Chief of the Cornatzer-Dublin Volunteer Fire Department. He relocated to in 2011 after his mother passed away. Bryan joined Newland Volunteer Fire Department in February of 2014. His exact words were, "I just couldn't stay away from the fire service." "It's in my blood". Bryan spent two years as Newland Volunteer Fire Department's Deputy Chief, and was elected as the department's Fire Chief in 2017.

Bryan, thank you for dedication to this department, your family, town, county, state, and country. Thank you for your service.