Fire Chief Ernie Deel Jr

Ernie Deel Jr  - Millboro Volunteer Fire Department

Ernie Deel Jr

Fire Chief
Millboro Volunteer Fire Department


Ernie Deel Jr, born and raised in Millboro, Va.
Joined the Millboro Volunteer Fire Association in 1994 at the age of 16. He has since volunteered at MVFA and has served as Assistant Chief and is currently the departments Fire Chief.
Ernie’s wife, Lauranna joined the department in 2006 and is the departments secretary and runs calls with the Chief!
Ernie and his wife have two children; Layton and Evan Deel who are very proud to be Junior Members of the department!
Ernie has always enjoyed helping those in need and is always willing to make sure his small town community is safe, whether he is on structure fire or a motor vehicle accident he is a very dedicated to his department and community!