Edit Fire Department Information

First Impressions are huge, especially on the web. If a community member is looking for a fire department, a visually appealing and professional looking web page will make a much better impression. With a better looking page, visitors are more likely to stay and read the information you've provided.  Compare the two profiles below:

  Fire Department with Images

The first example has the basic information (address, phone #, etc) and while it provides some utility to the user, it could be much better.  The second example has photos, the fire chief, volunteer recruitment info, fire apparatus, firefighters and more.  As a result, it is much more eye catching to users and users are more likely to read and interact with the page. 

The most important aspects of investing your time into making your fire department's page look great are the benefits given by search engines for web pages providing complete & high quality information. Fire Stations with a fire department photo, logo, fire chief photo & each fire apparatus (with photo) provide a better user experience and typically get 10 times more traffic!  Each relevant item you add (like individual firefighters with photos) will bring more traffic.

Adding or Editing a Fire Department

Fire Departments already on FireDepartment.net

The first step to editing a fire department is to determine if your fire department already exists in the fire department directory. Visit the directory, select a state and select a county to see a list of fire departments and fire stations. Look for the current name of the organization or any name used in the past. If your fire department is listed under an out of date name, this info can be easily edited as a manager.  Here are the edit options:

Fire Departments: Profile Management

Profiles already listed in the directory

  • Profile managers must work at the fire department to edit information. If you don't and have a valid reason to edit the fire dept, let a message in the "Additional Request Information" section explaining why you should manage this profile.
  • Don't worry if the name or address has an error. Both the name and address can be edited once you become the manager. It is much better to take over an existing fire department profile (with its existing traffic) than to start fresh and build traffic from zero.
  • How to request management: Go to the bottom of the page to find the section titled "Management of this profile".  In that section click on "apply to manage this profile".  This open a form requesting to manage the fire dept. Requests are typically approved within 3 business days, when an email will be sent to you.
  • Please, provide accurate phone number (& other info) for the profile manager, not a message number. As a free service, we do not have the resources to track you down if we need to confirm the application information you provide.  
    • We will not share your information with anyone or try to sell you anything. 

Community Members: Fire Dept Edits

  • Contact information updates can be suggested by clicking on the link above the contact information on any page.
  • Photo & Logo suggestions can be made by clicking on the link below either the fire dept photo or logo.  
    • Photos must either be taken by you or you must have the right under copyright law to post the image (permission from the image's creator). 
  • All edits are verified & screened before posting.

Adding a fire Department not listed in the directory

  • If your fire department is not currently in the directory, please submit a request to add a fire department.  Once it is added, we will send you an email confirmation and give you instructions to manage the profile if you work at the fire department.

Incorrect Address or Phone Number

Fire department personnel who work at a fire department can request to manage their fire department's profile to make edits (see instructions above).  This is the fastest way to make edits and enables you to add photos, fire equipment, firefighters, department statistics & more.  Managing a profile is easy, free, and will make your fire department more visible online (even if you already have your own website). 

Community members can report errors by visiting the page with the error and above the contact information section, there is a link to "report missing or incorrect contact information".  Click this link and fill out the request to update information.