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Firefighter Training Tools

The goal of FireDepartment.net is to help fire departments do what they do best, protect the communities they serve. In addition to our free fire department directory, we have also created several free fire engine operation training tools to help new firefighters understand often complicated topics.

Fire Hose Friction Loss Calculator

Enter hose size, length, and GPM to calculate friction loss.

Printable Fire Hose Friction Loss Calculator (Free Download)

FireDepartment.net has created an easy to use friction loss calculator that eliminates the need for a slide rule or complicated mathimatical formulas.

Simply choose the page that corresponds to your hose size, find the GPM and the correct friction loss can be found immediately to the right of the GPM.

Fire Engine Pump and Plumbing Diagram

Use this simple diagram to see how a fire engine’s pump and plumbing operate.


FireDepartment.net strives to provide fire departments and firefighters with quality training tools. But, the user takes full responsiblity for the information contained above. Use at your own risk!