Insurance Fire Department Response Map (beta)

This map is designed to help insurance agents find the closest fire station to a client's home. The map will show both driving distance and estimated drive time. This information is used to lower insurance premiums by providing better information on the insurance application.

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  1. - Some fire departments and fire stations perform administration functions only and do not house fire apparatus. We are in the process of building a fire station location verification page using Google streetview maps to visually verify fire apparatus or engine bays at each location.
  2. - A large percentage of volunteer fire department do not staff their fire stations 24/7 and respond from their homes.
  3. - Information on this site is crowdsourced and some information may be incorrect or out of date. Please, help us update incorrect fire station information by clicking on the corresponding links in the contact information section of fire department and fire station profiles that are out of date.